Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Financial Institutions Hope to Keep You Blind

Chapter 1: A System of Misconception

  • How stock brokerage firms deceive us
  • Our unquestioned belief of Wall  Street propaganda
  • Your core financial beliefs may betray you
  • Over focusing on retirement is detrimental to your wealth
  • Is your advisor unwittingly spreading misinformation?
  • Does traditional financial advice benefit you or Wall Street? 

Chapter 2: Ethics (or the Lack Thereof)

  • The history of corrupt mutual fund sales practices 
  • Influences that perpetuate corrupt financial advice
  • Keeping investments inaccessible benefits firms
  • The corrupt practice of pushing proprietary investments
  • The corruption of pay-to-play investments 

Chapter 3: The Tax-Deferral Deception: 

  • Corrupting motives that affect how your advisor gets paid
  • Misrepresenting the true value of your account
  • How little of your investment account belongs to you
  • Are you paying fees on government assets?
  • Will you truly fall into a lower tax bracket at retirement?
  • Your retirement depends on the future whims of government taxation 

Chapter 4: The Enemies of Building Wealth

  • Disastrous bond returns due to raising interest rates 
  • Lies about the stock market’s true returns 
  • High market volatility can destroy your retirement income
  • Disastrous results of inflation are returning
  • The false promise of tax-deferred saving for retirement 

Chapter 5: The Coming Tax Bomb

  • The forgotten history of much higher tax rates
  • Sobering numbers regarding the U.S. budget deficit
  • The out-of-control national debt is looming
  • Spending at record rates will cause tax increases 

Chapter 6: The Bogus Math of Tax Deferral 

  • Focus on account size diverts attention from spendability
  • 401(k)s replace more expensive pension plans
  • How little of your retirement account belongs to you
  • Roth vs. traditional IRA accounts
  • The marginal benefits of tax-deferred retirement
  • Why does Wall Street love tax-deferred plans? (Hint: huge fees)

Chapter 7: Other Tax Advantaged Options 

  • Do your investments have tax treatment diversification?
  • Are your investments protected from inflation?
  • Will you pass your tax burden onto your heirs?
  • Structure retirement cash flow to eliminate taxes
  • How can you delay taxes, then pay at a lower long-term capital gains rate? 

Chapter 8: The Holy Grail for Investment

  • The perfect investment checklist
  • Can you invest like an institution?
  • Growth that may exceed stock market returns
  • How to eliminate volatility
  • Receive investment interest on money already spent
  • In a down market, zero is your hero

Chapter 9: The Naysayers and Bad Press

  • Debunk the myths that fuel the financial blind side
  • Fees vs. commissions: the real scoop
  • Is your advisor deceiving you or simply misinformed?
  • Alternative investments strategies under attack
  • The ridiculous logic and false comparisons used to lock your money into investments that benefit the providers

Chapter 10: Time for Tequila!

  • The fine print the advisors would prefer you not know
  • Advisors distract you with irrelevant details
  • 14 questions you need to ask your advisor
  • How financial salespeople give you what you mistakenly think you need, and perpetuate the financial blind side.

Chapter 11: The Pension Election Dilemma

  • Employers are reducing their pension obligations
  • Better alternatives for providing for your spouse and heirs
  • Pension elections with positive-sounding names, confuse you into reducing your income

Chapter 12: Are all Annuities Scams? 

  • The fiction behind income guarantees
  • Why your withdraw/income account is not real money
  • Income guarantees lock in today’s low interest rates
  • What’s the real return of annuities?
  • Figures don’t lie but annuities salespeople sure like to confuse buyer

Chapter 13: What the Heck is a MEC?

  • Why advisors avoid Modified Endowment Contracts
  • MECs win over annuities
  • MECs are not fully understood by financial salespeople
  • Don’t leave a tax burden to your heirs
  • The tax benefits and higher returns of MECs

Chapter 14: 529 Plans Can Increase College Cost

  • Why financial institutions push 529 plans for college
  • Restructure your savings to reduce tuition cost
  • Advisors are not trained to structure finances for college 

Chapter 15: The Pathetic Qualifications of Some Advisors 

  • What’s in an advisor’s title? 
  • Most financial titles are completely unregulated
  • The multiple types of advisor licenses
  • How to verify your advisor’s qualification
  • Why your financial advisor may have little education in finance, planning or investments

Conclusion: The Negative Effect of Misinformation

  • Two families cope with the real world of family finance through a lifespan